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Janaza Information
Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Elaihi Rajihoon! Assalamu Alaikum. Br. Yaseen (24) passed away last night. He is the son of Br. Rafeek from Connecticut, a member and a strong supporter of TASMINA. Janaza will take place tomorrow after Duhar prayer at Association of Greater Hartford, Berlin Mosque located at 1781 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin CT 06037. We ask Allah swt to have mercy on him, forgive his sins and grant Jannathul Firdous. May Allah give light in his graves and strength to the family in their time of sorrow. Ameen! Contact Phone: (203) 528 5200 (Cell)

Executive Members

Following personalities are appointed as our current committee members

President: Ifraz Illyas
Tel: (201) 575-4175


Secretary: Arafa Yoosuf
Tel: (551) 404-1766


Treasurer: Abdul Shahul Hameed
Tel: (201) 920-1163


Asst. Secretary: Mohamed Zawri


Asst. Treasurer: Safahudeen Janoon


Vice Presidents: Mohamed Nazar


Committee Members: 1. Nassar Parker


2. Nazaf Jamsheed


3. Mubarak M. Mumtaz


4. Nikab Illiyas


5. Immam Mohamed


6. Mohamed Ilyas


7. Sukry Makeen


8. Ziyard Razick