Past Projects



TASMINA purchased a building in New Jersey at 213 Woodbridge Avenue, Highland Park. This building will be utilized as TASMINA’s center for the purpose of religious, cultural, and social goals. Community members making use of this center on a daily basis. There is a room for future development in this land and eventually it will be implemented as needed.



TASMINA successfuly completed the Tsunami project in the North east of Sri Lanka. The project was implemented in Kuchchaveli, a remote, undrer- developed coastal village. Kuchchaveli is one of the worst affected areas by the tidal waves of tsunami. This project basically concentrated in the areas of livelihood and community development. The following projects were successfully completed at the cost $ 100, 000 for the people of Kuchchaveli.


A. Housing Project: Housing scheme was the major project consists of 50% of our total cost from our entire budget. Fifteen houses were constructed and handed over to families in need.


B. Nursery School: A nursery school with toilet and a well was built in Podawaikattu. Free school uniform was provided for fifty students. Two permanenet teachers were employed for smooth running of the school.


C. Community Development Project:The main goal of this project was to involve the entire community of Kuchcheveli. Four 18 feet long fiber boat with 9.00 HP engines, large nets, related equipments and petrol max lamps were distributed to four mosques to generate income by renting the boats to area fishermen.


D. Grocery Shops: Ten grocery shops were built in Kuchcheveli with financial assistance to start their business. These shops were distributed to people who had some experience in the trade and lost their shop during tsunami. The total cost for this project was $ 4,400.00.


E. Sewing Training center:A training center was established for young girls to provide training in sewing. This was initially started in Irrakkandy village. This project was targeted for young girls who can get trained in sewing and help support their family. This was a mobile center that moved from village to village. Eleven sewing machines were installed with an instructor. Textile materials were provided for practices. The total cost for this project was $ 4,000.00.


F. Boats and Nets: Five small boats were distributed to fishermen in Nilaveli to resume their life after tsunami. Each one of them owned this boat and they do fishing in inland water. Total cost for this project was around $ 3,000.00.


G. Livelihood Project for Carpenters: Five carpenters were given tools to continue their profession. They lost all their tools during tsunami. Each received $ 250.00 worth of tools with a cash of Rs. 5,000/=. The total cost for this project was $ 1,500.00.


H. Emergency Medical Aid : A total of $ 4,500.00 worth of medicines were sent to tsunami affected areas with the help of a team of doctors.


I. Financial Aid: This project enable us to help tsunami affected undergraduate students from different universities in Sri Lanka. Twelve students received fund at the time worth $ 3,755. Another $ 5,000.00 was reserved to continue in the future scholarship program.



3. Katrina Relief :

TASMINA donated three pallets of water bottles for the people affected by Katrina through the US National Guards in Teaneck Armory in New jersey. This was air lifted for immediate distribution. The total cost for this project was $940.00.